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Sick Of The Hype?

Property Valuation

Are you sick of the hype associated with the overheated Auckland property market? What are the stories that you can count on being factual, versus those that are basically a whole lot of unsubstantiated ‘hot air’?

Know With Certainty…

Auckland People looking at property valuation report

Know for sure what your stakeholding in the dynamic Auckland property market is. Learn what the actual current market value of your property is.

Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat

Property Revaluation

Put yourself in the driver’s seat and be in a prime position to ride-out Auckland’s 2014 property revaluations (new rating valuations), reassured of the road ahead.

REINZ May Update – Property InDepth

New Update - Property Valuation Services

NEW UPDATE! The REINZ May 2014 data is now available.

NZ Insurance Companies & Insurance Valuation

To help those who are new to home Insurance, we have whipped up a list of some of the most common NZ Insurance companies.

Valuation – it’s all about you

Our company, Property InDepth, was established in 2004 and since that time our focus is towards providing a better level of service, advice and knowledge to people buying and selling property, rather than just getting involved when the bank requests a valuation for finance.

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