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Property InDepth Making Headlines

December 4th, 2014 by Kaylene Moore

Online news articles for Property IndepthThe Property InDepth team have been mentioned in the news recently regarding Auckland property values.  Read the latest news items listed below and listen to an interview with Property InDepth’s Managing Director Steve McNamara.  We are interested to hear what you think about this issue!  Chat with us on Facebook (Steve is the man at the helm)


Listen to an interview with Steve Mc NaraNamara (Property Indepth Manageing Director) on  Dec 3rd 2014 regarding Auckland house valuations with The Panel with Dita de Boni and Catherine Robertson on Radio New Zealand National . (Note the section with Steve starts 11.33 minutes into the recording)

And in this NZ Herald article referencing Property InDepth, Steve talks more about the issue with Auckland Property Valuations.

No time for the dust to settle! Auckland council hit  back with a press release resulting in this article published on  on the 3rd of Dec mentioning Property InDepth.  Interesting times!

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