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Valuation Services


Buying a Home

You’ve found a house or piece of land you love. But how do you know how much it’s really worth and what offer to make?.



Selling a Home

An independent registered valuation will not only identify the value of your property or land, it can also alert you to any potential problems.



Building & Renovating

Building or renovating a property is an exciting project. But how do you know if the numbers will stack up? Find the answers here.



Property Insurance

Recently there have been major changes in the way New Zealand homes are being insured. Talk to us, New Zealand’s valuation specialists.


Property InDepth provides an extensive range of residential property valuation services including:

  • Market and finance valuations
  • Insurance valuations
  • Rental assessments
  • Construction progress payment valuations
  • ‘Before’ and ‘After’ building or renovation valuations

We know that buying and selling real estate can often be stressful, but with a Property InDepth residential valuation report, you’ll have vital information, including the property’s true market value, at your fingertips to help you successfully negotiate a purchase or sale.

Our Smart Reports are provided online and can be produced within hours of a property’s inspection. And they’re in plain English, making them easy to understand.

Why do you need a registered valuation?

All the research and fact collecting that you do when planning to buy or sell is called ‘due diligence’. Doing your homework properly will ensure that you buy the property for a price you are happy with and that you don’t miss out on a great opportunity (or make a serious mistake) due to lack of relevant, timely and accurate property and market information.

Property InDepth valuation Smart Reports provide you with valuable information that you need to complete the due diligence process.

There are several different types of valuations – so what’s the difference?

A Rating Valuation, E-Valuer and Full Market Valuation all set a property’s market value, but use very different methods, with varying levels of accuracy.

Rating Valuations:

  • re updated every three years for the purpose of allocating local Council rates
  • values are established using mass appraisal processes
  • are often used by buyers and sellers as an indicative price

E-Valuer / Automated Valuations:

  • are purely computer generated estimate of value

Full Market Valuations:

  • are completed by a qualified Registered Valuer
  • are based upon a full inspection of your property as well as related sales in the area • are based upon a full inspection of your property as well as related sales in the area
  • are used for a variety of reasons including securing finance when buying

Property InDepth Smart Reports will impress you with the level of detail they reveal including:

  • The property’s Registered Value
  • Legal information including titles, zone and resource management, and how these impact on value and saleability
  • Condition of individual assets within the property
  • Comprehensive information about the property
  • Risk factors (both property and market related) that could affect the property in the future
  • Up to date market commentary
  • Regional amenities and facilities
  • Age, population and make up of community including schools
  • Sale prices and commentary of similar, nearby properties
  • Photos of the property
For independent advice from valuation specialists, call us 0800 463 378 or if you’d like to book your valuation online, you can do it here.

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