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Selling a Home

An independent registered valuation will not only identify the value of your property or land, it can also alert you to any potential problems that may jeopardise a sale.

Before you put your house or land on the market it’s important to have accurate information so you’re ready with statistics to start negotiating with potential purchasers.

Talk to us, New Zealand’s residential valuation specialists and we’ll help you through the process.

A registered valuation can be a valuable tool in the sales process. You’ll have local market information, property and financial data, so you’ll be ready to answer questions and make decisions based on facts rather than assumptions.
If we think there is an opportunity for you to improve the value of your home, we will tell you about it.

Your valuation can also be shared with prospective buyers so they have realistic expectations and can arrange finance.

A Property InDepth online registered valuation report will give you peace of mind as you enter into the selling process.

For independent advice from valuation specialists, call us on 0800 463 378 or if you’d like to book your valuation online, you can do it here.

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