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Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat

October 10th, 2014 by Steve McNamara

Property Revaluation

Put yourself in the driver’s seat and be in a prime position to ride-out Auckland’s 2014 property revaluations (new rating valuations), reassured of the road ahead.

The only real way to know for sure what the current market value of your property is compared to the rating valuation result that is published to you, is by having a comprehensive and objective full property valuation performed by an experienced independent valuer.

Have you ever considered these facts…

With the whole of Auckland city about to be revalued (and the same set to progressively happen throughout New Zealand) the little guy – the individual homeowner – can oh so easily get lost in the crowd. Instead of being stuck in traffic, jostled by 525,000 other property owners, most prudent homeowners will be looking to safely drive through the maddening crowd. Knowing and owning your own valuation information is a licence to do just that!

This is the rating valuation activity that is unfolding in the Auckland region.

For a relatively small sum compared to the overall value of your property, having a professional valuation carried out therefore makes total sense. Many people think they only need registered valuations when they are buying or selling a property or seeking a mortgage. This understanding is very limited, for there are actually many more reasons why people obtain independent property valuations – as can be seen here.

Above all, comprehensive full valuations provide homeowners with peace of mind. The enlistment of an independent professional property valuer to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the current market value of your property makes much more sense than relying on mass market appraisals, or insurance companies calculation of default Sum Insured values, or a rating valuation that has been determined without performing any significant (if any at all) onsite inspection – both inside and outside your home.

Property InDepth offers such a professional property valuation service. Our valuers specialise in residential and lifestyle properties. Booking an accurate home valuation is a simple process and starts with calling 0800 463378 or by emailing us via our online form.

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