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Sick Of The Hype?

October 21st, 2014 by Steve McNamara

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Are you sick of the hype associated with the overheated Auckland property market? What are the stories that you can count on being factual, versus those that are basically a whole lot of unsubstantiated ‘hot air’? Where does your property sit in the mix – is the current market value of your property soaring, falling or somewhere in the middle? How can you sort the fact from the fiction and gauge with certainty how your property is doing in this current hype-driven Auckland property market?

Have you considered these facts:

As the countdown to the November 2014 release of its new city-wide property revaluations (rating valuations) continues the hype surrounding the buoyant Auckland property market will invariably increase. ‘While home owners enjoy capital gains, a nasty rates surprise looms,’ the media is already forewarning. Some commentators already predict that values across the city have jumped by 33 per cent on average in the past three years. It is speculated that the value of residential properties in some Auckland suburbs have increased by more than this percentage. However, conversely, it is speculated that property values in other (less prominent) suburbs have, reportedly, reduced quite substantially.

This is the rating valuation activity that is presently underway in the Auckland region.

Anyone and everyone has an opinion with regard to property land values, capital values, market values and even rating-related values; yet these layman value assessments do not answer the pivotal question of “what is the actual current market value of my property”? The only way for homeowners to reliably answer this question is to engage the objective professional services of a qualified valuer to perform a comprehensive valuation – which most importantly includes a thorough onsite inspection of the given property (both inside and outside) to arrive at an accurate current market value.

Obtaining a professional, fully contemplated valuation is the only way any property owner can sort the fact from the fiction.

Even before releasing its more than 525,000 rating valuations in Nov 2014, Auckland Council is strongly recommending “people get their own private valuations” done in order to answer the above very important questions. Property InDepth offers such professional valuation services. Our valuers specialise in residential and lifestyle properties. Booking an accurate home valuation is a simple process and starts with calling 0800 463378 or by¬†emailing us via our online form.

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