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North Shore property valuations

 View from North Shore across Auckland Harbour

The North Shore of Auckland offers a diverse range of properties available for homeowners and investors alike, from expensive coastal properties along the East Coast (including Takapuna, Milford and Devonport) overlooking the Hauraki Gulf through to harbourside properties, mixed age dwellings in popular suburbs such as Glenfield, Birkenhead, and Sunnynook, together with new developments such as in Long Bay and Albany.

These valuations are carried out for finance as well as market value purposes (for buying or selling negotiation) and are for both owner-occupiers as well as investors looking to build their portfolios. They also complete many valuations for people looking to build or renovate property, providing clients with an estimated finished value, as well as providing reports to the banks to allow funds to be drawn down during the building process.

“The Unitary Plan has provided huge opportunities for development after many years of under-investment in Auckland” explains Vicki Phillips, Property InDepth’s North Shore owner and valuer.  “This has included increased intensification and in-fill housing to accommodation Auckland’s growing population.”

“Because of this, the North Shore region has seen some significant gains in values, supported by improved infrastructure and expansion of commercial hubs in the likes of the Albany basin for instance, to encourage growth in employment.”

“That being said, every suburb, and sometimes even street has its own features and attributes that are important to understand when establishing a property’s value,” Vicki adds, “which makes choosing a valuer familiar with that area all the more important.”

“We pride ourselves on the thoroughness with which we complete each valuation inspection and the level of factual detail that we then communicate to our North Shore customers via our valuation reports. As our slogan states we provide ‘Detailed Valuations – Delivered Fast’ and this is what separates us from our competitors.”

Devonport, North Shore residential properties

Because of this, the North Shore region of Auckland has experienced some stellar growth in the past decade driven by the increased population in the area. Continued expansion of the commercial hub in the Albany basin, with improved road access to Auckland via the west and better public transportation has added to the attraction of living on the Shore by providing good access to nearby Auckland City as well as employment opportunities locally.

“Planned large scale apartment developments surrounding the Albany shopping centre, Massey University and some other key suburbs will create greater opportunities for property investment in this region in the years to come.”

So for North Shore property valuations, Property InDepth valuers Kristie Miles & Vicki Phillips provide residential home valuations across Auckland’s North Shore from Takapuna and Devonport across to Brikenhead and Beach Haven.  Call 0800 463378.



Vicki graduated from Massey University in the top 5%, earning several top student awards & scholarships before completing a First Class Honours degree in Business Studies, majoring in Valuation and Property Management, before going on to gain ANZIV status.

After a varied career in a number of other valuation companies, Vicki has been operating Property InDepth in Rodney and North Shore region since its inception in 2009.  For more than 35 years Vicki has lived in the North Shore and Rodney districts of Auckland, and when not valuing or running her business with her husband, Ian, she is enjoying time with her family as well as travelling the world. 

alan kroes

Alan has over 25 years of valuation experience, with the last 20 years primarily in the residential and rural living sectors. Coupled with his experience as a quantity surveyor, Alan adds another valuable dimension to our team. 

Alan is a registered valuer, a member of the Property Institute of New Zealand, and an Associate of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers.

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