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Practical ways to protect your property

December 17th, 2014 by Steve McNamara

So, what are some of the best practical ways can we protect our homes and properties before we head off on holiday?

We need to be vigilant and protect our homes from criminals.

Practical ways to protect your property from burglarsThe New Zealand Police have a good guide containing ways to better protect your property on their website.  Some of the suggestions include leaving spare keys with a neighbour rather than hiding them, putting a lamp on a timer, and turning the sound down on your telephone ringer.

Auckland-based security expert Glenn Grigor has kindly given us his top tips for protecting your property after his 25 years in the industry. Glenn is Conbrio Security’s technical manager and he considers protecting your property is equally as important as looking after anything that you cannot replace.

“So many families I see spend thousands of dollars on phones and computers, cars, TVs, stereos and sporting hobbies, but very little on security to protect what they’ve purchased. A full replacement policy doesn’t usually replace clothes or sporting goods at what it cost to purchase them,” Glenn explains. He believes people should be prepared to commit “just 1% of the value of their assets” to get reasonable security.

Glenn’s top tips:

  1. Get an alarm installed. Have it serviced every 24 months. If you already have one but it is older than 15 years, replace it.
  2. Use the alarm every time you’re not at home and, if possible, at night when you are there.
  3. Create a list of assets. Use the NZ Police SNAP system.
  4. Put deadbolts on all windows and doors.
  5. Use your locks in the way they were designed. Do not leave keys in locks.
  6. Use your neighbours. Create a Neighbourhood Watch Group.
  7. Do not leave tools, ladders or wheelie bins out for the criminals to use.
  8. If your property has a gate – close and lock it.
  9. Have automatic lights installed and maintained.
  10. Have the alarm monitored if possible.  A phone line not required, we use cell phone technology.

Glenn also reminds everyone to check that they have smoke alarms installed and maintained and that cameras and photographs are always kept in a safe place, because no amount of insurance can replace your precious photos.
Homeowners also need to make sure that their home is safe at night while they’re asleep.
“Equally, if you are at home but in the back yard, lock the front door.”
The security expert reminds homeowners that “a tin box is not a safe and you shouldn’t store irreplaceable items in one.” He recommends investing in a good safe, such as a Chubb Mini-banker. “This weighs 140kg and is made of two layers of hard steel with concrete in between them. No crim is going to carry it off!”

– Thanks Glenn and

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